maria concetta cariello

.creative individual.

Should I talk about me as an artist or just me as myself? Is 'myself' enough to define an 'artist'? What’s an artist? What is human? What is artist? Does it even exist? I am on a journey to uncover this said duality. What’s happening with this separation? This dichotomic world? Everything is the opposite of everything else.

I try to explain a part of my multitude and complexity in my blog's article 'Non-artistic Statement': go there if you like.

Here I am gonna write some facts about my life so far. In third person.

Coming from a ballet background, Concetta has then focused her training in contemporary dance and obtained a BA in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, with an Erasmus period at the BCDA (Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy).

As a dance creator, she choreographed I Cannot Walk Around My Body, I Cannot Leave It Behind
for 5 dancers, performed for UoM in Malta (2018); and her current solo work PRIMA MATERIA: A
Study On My Bodies
, supported by Arts Council Malta.


Her previous background as Building Engineer-Architect has provided her with a passion for architecture, design, and art, which surely enriches her view of the world and understanding of space. Drawing from this, in 2018 she started Archi-Humans Go Public, a research project that puts in conversation dance and public spaces, with focus on both the architectural element and the human behavior.

While working as a freelancer and as co-founder of Sirius Collective (Malta, 2019), her current interests
are towards somatic practices and Contact Improvisation, which informs both her practice and
teaching. She would like to continue refining her dance practice towards an understanding of the
efficiency of the body and the honesty of the self in relation to the other.