GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill
GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill

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GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill
GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill

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GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill
GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill

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GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill
GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill

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GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill                                                                      [2021]

'GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill' is a short dance film born as a site-specific project at the outdoor church of Madonna Tal Konsagrazzjoni Girgenti, Siggiewi, Malta. The location itself offers the architectural landscapes for the bodies to explore their geometries and inner/outer states with black&white movements. The space of Girgenti is the canvas through which the dancers express and sense time.

This is an independent project developed by the spontaneous collaboration of different artists.

Directed by: Maria Concetta Cariello
Dancers: Corinna Abela, Laura Kuukkanen, Valentine Soucy.
Sound: Maria Concetta Cariello, Laura Kuukkanen, Rafael Mielczarek
Duration: 23min
ANCHE OGGI - (Also Today)                                                                                                [2020]
This is a dear creation of mine. Coming from my heart as a raw gift to my future self and to humanity. A short film made of dance and poetic prose (because I also love writing, yes!)

1 May 2020 - Workers' Day during Corona Virus times.

Even if this short film and text was specifically created for May 1st, it is valid 'Also today' as the title of the poem and the short film itself.

Let's unite, let's be the creators (and not the victims) of this reality, the reality we decide to choose every day.

Text, filming, and performance by Maria Concetta Cariello.

[Text ENG transcription below]


Also today, as then.
Also today, a revolution is underway.
In the sea of oblivion, when work becomes more unstable, more volatile than ever,
we are here to demonstrate silently
in the acute silence of the city walls.
Tossing and turning in the contemporary tragedies
Veterans of a history generous of labors,
that today becomes empty,
like the streets – no longer full as in Chicago '86 -
and like the squares - no longer passionate like Haymarket -.
We are left with the emptiness or the silence of this holiday
so hard-earned from the poor deaths,
so applauded by the whole world,
so expected and taken for granted in normal years.
Also today, a revolution is calling,
that no longer seeks an 8-8-8 hours to balance life,
because math is no longer enough today,
there is enough subtraction: of freedom, work, relationships, money...
that to add in this passing May,
is not just sterile mathematics,
but a smart choice to redistribute resources, hours,
and to give thanks to yesterday's history,
that ignites the spirits today and always
in the modern cathedrals of humanity,
not to accept with a hanging head like the mass,
but to turn towards the perennial questioning of today's history,
to make ourselves responsible for the necessary action for a glorious future
which risks, today, death by hanging or life imprisonment.
Also today, work, culture, the country, the world, and the planet are revolutionized.
And also today, as then,
few people fight for a balance of life,
not only in work, not only among us humans,
but a dynamic balance of wider scope,
that could embrace in the inclusive conversation
all races, all species, all places and sectors, all hearts, all elements of nature
of a system that is now screaming at man and the economy,
a system that is done with that little math at the service of 'making ends meet',
and therefore, calls for a profound revolt towards a more honest work for all.
So today, as then,
even without illegal gatherings of bodies,
yes, we do leave the streets empty,
but not the minds of bold innovation,
not the hearts of hope and faith,
because this is already the new revolution,
which will bring new meaning to this May 1st and to this life:
the revolution of our consciences.

-Maria Concetta Cariello-

EMBODYING CONFLICTS                                                                                                     [2017]
The dance film was created as a Promo video for the choreography Take my hand –  by Niels Plotard (France), in the context of the Dance Tour 2017 of the University of Malta. 
The short film was then further developed in a new version. 
Concept, Camera, and Editing: Maria Concetta Cariello
Performers: Corinna Abela, Ilaria Lagna
BETWEEN THE LINES                                                                                                            [2017]

What can you read between the lines?
What can you see?
Do you see what you see?

Concept/Video/Performance > Maria Concetta Cariello
Music: 'Kitty Klap' by davOmakesbeats (feat TT the Artist Sir JoQ)

Thanks to the workers at TEC, Malta