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GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill                                                                      [2021]

'GIRGENTI - Timeless Dances On The Hill' is a short dance film born as a site-specific project at the outdoor church of Madonna Tal Konsagrazzjoni Girgenti, Siggiewi, Malta. The location itself offers the architectural landscapes for the bodies to explore their geometries and inner/outer states with black&white movements. The space of Girgenti is the canvas through which the dancers express and sense time.

This is an independent project developed by the spontaneous collaboration of different artists.

Directed by: Maria Concetta Cariello
Dancers: Corinna Abela, Laura Kuukkanen, Valentine Soucy.
Sound: Maria Concetta Cariello, Laura Kuukkanen, Rafael Mielczarek
Duration: 23min
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