Cock and a Feather

Malta International Arts Festival
ph Zvezdan Reljić
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ph-Zvezdan Reljić
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[July 2018 - Valletta, Malta]

“Cock and a Feather” is a dark fairy tale told through dance and physical theatre. It is an exploration of themes of gossip, feminism and how stories travel and change through time and space; an exploration of relationships in general, and female relations in particular. It is a piece about women and the issues they face in terms of empowerment, feminism and commodification. The project recognizes the constant struggle of the female body within patriarchal society and the ways in which feminism seek to reclaim this body and the sexuality it possesses. The 40 minute, staged dance piece will encapsulate gothic elements and kitsch juxtaposed with minimalism. The choreography outlines the journey of gossip as a hen loses a feather and the whispers of the hen-roost turn the small incident into a terrible tragedy. The choreography will therefore be based on a contemporary dance study of animals (chickens in particular). It will represent the sexy in society’s double- standards, the comedic air of chickens and the brutal and gothic death of the chicken in pursuit of beauty.

Direction/Choreography: Francesca Zammit and Marie Keiser-Nielsen
Music: Luke Cucciardi
Venue: Valletta Campus Theatre, Valletta, Malta

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[Ph credits to Zvezdan Reljić]